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[CommieRaws] Kirakira Precure A La Mode - 02 [0FB8D4A4].mkv_snapshot_21.42_[2017.02.18_10.35.34]

If anyone had been following my little blog in its piece of the internet, one’d be aware that I had been working on weekly reviews for episodes of the current Kira Kira Precure a La Mode season, then I just kinda stopped.


Aqua Tensei!

One of my favorite episodes of Pretty Cure 5 had to have been episode 34 “Protect Milk! Karen, the Knight on the White Horse“. Not only giving some character to Milk, but also to Karen, bolstering her desire to help others and how far she’ll go to do so.

At one point, Hadenya (one of the generals at the time) attacked the gang aiming to eliminate Milk and the rest of the cures while she was at it. But, Karen wouldn’t have it, squaring off against Hadenya in an amazing jousting match.

While commenting on the episode, a friend of mine pointed out a similarity to an episode of Gingaman; while amusing, it never really hit me until I rewatched a clip of the corresponding scene on YT. Henceforth, this was born:

KiraCure Ep 03/4: “The Roaring Lion! Cure Gelato!” and “With the Three of Us Together, Let’s La Mix it Up!”


You’ve got the chance now, you’ve got the power. I’m moving towards the blue light, I’ll keep going on.

Episode 03 writer: Ito Mutsumi
Director: Furuya Yoko

Episode 04 writer: Inukai Kazuhiko
Director: Kaizawa Yukio


Kira Kira Precure Episode 02: “The Little Genius, Cure Custard!”


Kira, lending itself really well to becoming a horror movie.

Writer: Tanaka Hitoshi
Director: Hiroaki Miyamoto


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