One disappointing Shabadoobee Showtime

[CommieRaws] Mahoutsukai Precure! - 22 [C1D02432].mkv_snapshot_01.01_[2016.07.04_19.57.07]

The date was October 2015 and Go! Princess Pretty Cure was entering its last third, a tale of 3 girls + 1 princess fighting against a group wishing to lock away dreams forever plunging the world into despair. Around this time is when a trademark was filed for a “Mahoutsukai Precure”…. Speculation ran wild, people guessing on things from the hats to what kind of magic they could do, etc.

Personally, I was wondering the most on the staff. The show could look as pretty as it wanted, have top-notch VAs and such but if the writing’s not there, then it’s all wasted. (Maybe it could make up for it with likable characters like Go! Princess and KR Ghost ended up doing but, I didn’t have the highest of hopes). A couple people joked about Tsuyoshi Kida jumping aboard due to KR Wizard but, I did think it would’ve been funny if Atsushi Maekawa was chosen. Sure, some of his prior works were no great shakes but.. I dunno, I would’ve laughed.

And such it came with a name Isao Murayama attached as script-writer. Not familiar with this name, I naturally went to look him up. Majin Bone? Not familiar with. Kaidan Restaurant? Not familiar with that either. C’mon, there had to be somethi– Precure DX3?! The one that BS’d its main conflict away? DX3? The one that did Smile’s ending before it was cool? Well, that couldn’t have been a good sign. Concern over that wasn’t helping with people wondering if the show’d be like Ojamajo Doremi which apparently moved away from magical spells to talking out their issues.. why would that be a good fit for this franchise?

Well, the show started and as much fun as it was… as interesting as the Magic World tried making itself out to be, the things it introduced never really became more than well, things at the end of the day. There’s mermaids, pegasi, an island of ice.. yay? Enjoyable episodes sure, but ultimately forgettable because there was no real effort made to make them entirely memorable. (I’m racking my brain here and all I can remember is that Riko got frostbite once and Ha-chan danced with a crab).

In comparison, take Suite Precure if more just the first cour. It spent episodes developing its characters and the town they lived in, even stuff as minor as them tracking down Mr. Otokichi in ep7 to return an item of his. It’s why scenes such as them fighting Noise and trying to convince him worked so well since thematically, scenes such as that were built up all throughout the show (Melody of Happiness/Sorrow, music/noise, etc.). Heck, it’s likely the reason why characters like Waon and Seika are remembered so well because the characters, the writing, the show allowed it.

Eventually, MGPC moved to their Normal World and it was an improvement treating the cast like characters rather than excuses for things to happen and allowing episodes to flow better. Humor went too far sometimes but, it felt excusable since it was kept to a few characters.

At that point, it seemed like the show was improving, but…


Then, it happened: starting from episode 16, the show started inexplicably killing off its squad of villains as it led up to the debut of Cure Felice. Whether it was due to falling ratings or some other reason is not known but it was clear that something was up and the show unfortunately needed to change…

So, out with Dokuroxy and co. (complete with Dokuroxy being some magic teacher the show had never mentioned before!) and in with a villain named Labut having to hold up his side of the show practically by himself. 30-ish episodes to come of him farting around and doing ..stuff…  and that’s if he gets any screentime given the little he’s gotten so far… thrilling. (When your villains get less than 5 minutes of screentime an episode, you know something’s not right).

Now, could the show improve? Sure but it’s not interested in that anymore, it’s not interested in conflicts between heroes and villains, it’s not interested in keeping itself afloat.

All it wants now is just to hang around in wacky misadventures and running its episodes such as: oh no, Kotoha walked into a cave.. oh, that silly girl, you better go get her, it’s funny antics on the beach time. (Antics can be good to a point, but good Precure seasons manage to balance it well with the conflicts going on and that’s mainly the issue here; the show has itself in such a state that if it does decide to get dramatic, it’s going to be awkward). It doesn’t come off as a hero show anymore like one would come to expect as much as a pointless KyoAni moeblob show like K-On or Chu2koi and man, it’s disappointing to see it in such a state.

PS: Waiting for an AU cut of the Miraculous Magic film where Hibiki kicks the crud out of Mirai for refusing to fight without her partner in front of Hibiki who’s having the same issue but actually fighting. Thanks Murayama.


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