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One of the things that pulls me to a show is the music, whether it’s insert songs or theme tunes or whatnot. You can have a bad show have moments elevated by good usage of music and good shows made even better by such. So, I wanted to give my thoughts on the various OP credits and tunes that accompanies them.

1. “Danzen! Futari wa PreCure” by Mayumi Gojo

Not bad but not great either. The song’s dang catchy and there are a bunch of cool shots (someone on staff must’ve liked that one of Black and White rising from the rubble since it showed up in the Max Heart finale) but, nowadays whenever I think of this one, I just end up waiting around for…


2. “Danzen! Futari wa Pretty Cure (Max Heart ver.)” by Mayumi Gojo

Pretty much the same song, but the credits I find to be the much more realized version. I mean, yeah, there’s that shot of Cure White but the credits ditch a lot of the Fujimura and school stuff and focus more on what we want to see, the girls being heroes and saving the 2 worlds, filling that space with lots of action shots.

Also, I love the part where Nagisa and Honoka are reaching for each other’s hands and how well it’s timed between that and Hikari picking up Porun. Runner-up being that shot of the Garden of Light zooming out to become the Garden of Rainbows and Nagisa and Honoka are staring at the 12 Heartiels in the distance (pictured above). Like Max Heart itself, there’s a lot of good, one just has to know what to dig for.

3. “Makasete★Splash☆Star★” by Yuka Uchiyae with Splash Stars

“I love you” There’s someone thinking that”
“You’re important to me!” That means I need you!”

A catchy, upbeat song and set of credits that balance the civilian and hero moments well, neatly detailing the show and what to expect. The song has a nice beat to it too that the credits make full use of. That all said.. that’s mostly why I find the 2nd version of the credits to be disappointing; since in this case, it wouldn’t have hurt to keep some of the civilian moments but it all but gets traded for “Buy our toys!”-esque Bright and Windy promotion. It’s a shame, man.

4. “PreCure 5, Smile Go Go!” by Mayu Kodou

A fair enough song, not one of my favorites but, it does the job well enough. The credits do a fine job detailing what drives each of the 5 girls and I don’t think they suffer too much in the 2nd version. (Losing that shot of Karen looking horrified at her teammates gobbling down ramen noodles is a shame, though)


5. “PreCure 5, Full Throttle Go Go!” by Mayu Kudou

I think if Suite’s credits didn’t exist then this would be my favorite. From the action-y pull of the song (with great lyrics such as “Even when running full・throttle through a challenge, we’ll create a never-failing storm together. You have absolutely no limits, so let’s go for it!”) to the way the credits are set-up, there’s a lot to like.

I also like how it doesn’t force the addition of Milky Rose in either, she’s in a few shots but nothing jarring and the core 5 are given ample time to shine instead.

6. “Let’s! Fresh Pretty Cure” by Mizuki Moie, and “Let’s! Fresh Pretty Cure! ~Hybrid Version~”by Mizuki Moie and Momoko Hayashi

Moie, she’s like the female equivalent of Psychic Lover’s Yoffy; whoever decided a singer like her was good to headline the music for a year-long TV series, I can only imagine they were either drunk or on some good material. They try to fix their mistake in the latter half by adding Momoko Hayashi to the mix, probably hoping it’d dilute some of Moie’s singing but the damage is already done, yknow? WELLLLLLLLLLLCOOOOOOMMMMMMMMEEE!

The credits themselves aren’t too bad. One thing that makes me question though is when Love’s speeding by everyone in the 2nd version, they change the shot of Kaoru’s van to Setsuna and Miyuki laughing at Love? Whuh? (The movie version does that part best, Love speeds by Setsuna who grabs her backpack and tries to hold her in place to no avail).


7. “Alright! HeartCatch PreCure!”by Aya Ikeda

I used to like this song a lot when I first heard it, nowadays? It’s okay but nothing I’d highly rank either.The credits are okay too.  I guess at worst, I’d say they’re pretty vanilla.

The EDs and actual show are where this show shines more.


8. “La♪ La♪ La♪ Suite PreCure♪” and “La♪ La♪ La♪ Suite PreCure♪\infty Unlimited\infty ver.” by Mayu Kudou

Sort of does the Heartcatch thing of having 3 versions of its credits and one just used for transitional purposes and while that does lead to some weird moments (like Ellen jumping by herself), I can’t think of much if anything I dislike about them. The parts with the name displays isn’t as obnoxious as it could’ve been and the credits do a good job of propping up the Cures as heroes you want to watch and look up too.

Oh yeah, the song’s good too; I actually can’t decide which version I like better.


9. “Let’s go! Smile PreCure!”by Aya Ikeda

SMILE, are you SMILING yet?!? I kid but as much as one could rag on these songs for generic lyrics, Smile really got the blind auction there. Aya Ikeda really tries her darndest to sell the song despite such, bless her soul.

The credits are as okay as one can get with such a bland show like Smile; I’ll give it that they do a better job of selling the show, the one they display does look a heck o’a lot more interesting. Smile, why couldn’t you have been better?


10. “Happy Go Lucky! DokiDoki! Precure” by Tomoyo Kurosawa

Not a bad OP, though I could understand how one’d write it off as rather generic (its lyrics and video essentially coming out to “They are Precure, they fight for girls’ dreams! They are tough, gogogo!”). Kurosawa does a good job, though.


11. “HappinessCharge PreCure! WOW!”by Sayaka Nakaya

For being an AKB48 idol, Nakaya actually doesn’t do a bad job on this; it’s certainly pretty catchy and something I listen to more than once. The vocal parts are the cherry on top, whoever chose to put those in deserves props. One thing I do wish is that the video updated itself, if anything, once Queen Mirage was taken out. I suppose it was too late in the game for that, though.

12. “Miracle Go! Princess PreCure” by Karin Isobe

On the flip side, we have an OP that updated itself every time a new character or event happened. While it’s certainly fun to watch how the animators worked stuff like that out, I do wish it did a little more with working Towa into the mix. The “4 princesses who aim for the top” narration seems to give weight to Towa being as important as the rest of them but, she’s barely in the OP. Who is she, Burai?

13. “Dokkin♢Mahotsukai PreCure!” and “Dokkin♢Mahotsukai PreCure! Part 2″performed by Rie Kitagawa

Never been too big a fan of Kitagawa’s singing; it’s not that she’s bad but, there’s moments she tries to hit certain high notes that it becomes cringeworthy.

What I think hurts the credits more is.. despite how fun they play themselves up as, there’s that feel of “Whoaahhh, we’re from different worlds! Isn’t that wacky?!?!”; the 2nd version keeping this but adding on a high level of “Buy our toys!”-esque Cure Felice promotion. Bluh, it’s a mess, much like the show itself.


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