Kira Kira Precure is upon us…


Coming off the heels of Mahoutsukai Precure is Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode, a season that seems to focus on cooking annnnnd apparently animals. No real correlation as far as anyone can tell.. they’re just animal bakers, because. Welp. Bandai be Bandai, I suppose.

To start, I can’t say I’m really too hyped on their transformed designs, Blue being the worst of them all. The core trio in general really feel to me like a bunch from some low-tier seasonal anime that I’d try to avoid, and I’m really concerned their designs’ll end up wrecking the mood if/when the show tries to be serious. The last thing this needs is Pink to give a rousing speech and her rabbit ears make boingy sounds after…

Yellow might prove to be annoying. A character whose shtick is based on “I’m an expert on this topic!” has to be handled in a way that she’s not butting into every convo with her “Let me explain” deal otherwise she could just come off as a hindrance to it all; best case would be something like Akari from KR Ghost where she was a big science fan but she still cared about Takeru and co. I guess Purple could be enjoyable though, how long until her want of Omoshiroi leads her to drop Jupiter?

Also, the feet boots are dumb; just to toss that out there.


Hitoshi Tanaka returning should prove interesting. Go! Princess wasn’t a perfect season by any means but for all of its faults, it did straighten itself out by the end and it also provided a constant threat for the Cures to face (Close being an active general then Lock and so on) so that already should put this over Maho Girls’ identity crisis. Strong villains is something that Maho was desperately lacking in so even if it’s something dumb like “Cake thieves”…

Actually, there’s a question. Where are you supposed to go off of that? They despair the cakes so the sadness can revive their master? I guess it couldn’t be anymore out-there than “Make you selfish!” but, even that felt more like something that could prove destructive on a big scale.  Not too sure how “Cake thieves” could do so or hold a year-long show but, I suppose we’ll just wait and see.

One thing I am excited for though is Yuuki Hayashi becoming composer. His music was a real bright spot in shows like Gundam Build Fighters so hearing his type of music to Precure’s various fight scenes should prove fun.

To sum it all up, what I wish for this series is fun characters and a nice plot but also a good conflict between heroes and villains. If the show can manage to deliver in any or heck, maybe even all of them then I’d consider it a success.


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