Kira Kira Precure Episode 01: “I Love It So Much! Cure Whip is Complete!”


Precure RPG when?

Writer: Tanaka Hitoshi
Director: Kureda Kohei

Episode 1 begins with a flashback of a young Usami Ichika watching her mother make a strawberry cake, Usami claiming that she absolutely loves her mother’s baking. In the current age, Usami is doing some shopping and her excited skipping is interspersed with shots of fairies magic-fighting. So far, this isn’t anything bad; it does a good job as setting Usami up as a girl who well, loves baking and pastries and this’ll no doubt serve as her motivation during the series as she helps stop whatever threat there is.

Unfortunately, not soon after, we reach one of my issues with the episode which is every girl that ends up a Precure this year looking up and seeing their respective pastry in the sky. It’s really hamfisted and I honestly started tuning out once I caught on, almost like the staff never heard of subtlety in their lives. While I riff on that moment where Coco (in Yes! Precure 5) picks up a bead-string with the girls’ 5 colors on it, that’s more of a “Heh, I get it!” kind of moment; this one made you sit through every…single… one and man, couldn’t their time have been used elsewhere?

We then reach the OP which, I like it. The song’s pretty catchy and while there’s shots that could’ve been sped up a bit (such as this), I don’t think there’s anything particularly bad about it. Also, there seemed to be a shot of someone who looked like an enemy general; can that please amount to something? Please?

The episode resumes with Usami starting to bake a cake and the episode illustrates this by uh, pausing all momentum and cutting in shots of live-action actors’ cooking. It’s certainly original and I get why it’s there (adding onto Usami’s love for baking and to entertain the kids watching) but at the same time, it doesn’t add anything? You could’ve achieved the same effect of her failing in much less the time. Also, I can’t help but be concerned if this is gonna interrupt anything later on; the cures trying to figure out how to stop a plan and it cutting to “Let’s Cooking!” out of nowhere. You say Toei wouldn’t, I say Ninninger.

But yeah, as this is going on, the fairy of this series Pekorin is chasing Gummy who punches Pekorin into Usami’s face. Usami freaks out over its sentience and then manages to actually bake a cake. However their happiness is short-lived as Gummy finds them and uses the cakes’ Kirakiraru energy to grow stronger. Pekorin tries to escape with the cake but Gummy catches up with them. Usami decorates the cake and it turns into her Smile Sweets Pact transforming her into Cure Whip. She then engages Gummy into what this show refers to as a “Pop Battle”……

This is where I metaphorically felt my heart sink — one of the things that kept Precure different from other magical shows was the physical fighting it employed. While it beam-spammed at times, it wasn’t the main source of fighting and 9 times out of 10, the enemies were taken down by emotion-filled punches square to the face. Dating back to Producer Takashi Washio and Director Daisuke Nishio of DBZ fame behind Futari wa under the comment of “Even young girls like to rampage”, it was clearly made to be a big proportion of the franchise and removing it just…. feels wrong.


Eat dreams, motherphucker!

Would Cure Lovely vs. Queen Mirage be half as exciting if they just shot beams at each other? Cures Black and White vs. Dark King Baldez? Sure, the writing’s important but they work in tandem with each other and KiraKira’s running the equation half-cocked at the moment.

The episode ends there and the ED plays which I also like (maybe a teensy bit more given Miyamoto’s been in this franchise more). I can’t tell if the girls are CGI this time or not, though. And, the preview’s the typical “Look, Precure #twoooooooooooooooo”.

Final Thoughts? Eh…, it’s not the worst premiere (that honor, I almost want to give to Smile just because: God Miyuki, stop screaming!) but it wasn’t the best one either. Hopefully, the show finds a balance between everything soon otherwise, this will be a long year.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. yanwang95
    Feb 10, 2017 @ 19:28:21

    Despite the lack of actual physical contact, there does seem to be a lot of dodging in Cure Whip’s fighting style, and that could help in bringing movement to a fight, if not the same kind of intensity.

    Anyway, I personally really liked the premiere, and I especially liked the hints of a strained relationship between Ichika and her father. I’m hoping for an epic father’s day episode for a change 😛


    • Painted_Outlaw
      Feb 11, 2017 @ 12:53:06

      I hadn’t thought about it at the time but yeah, there is potential in Ichika’s relationship with her father. Hopefully, they realize it too and we get a good character arc made up for her.


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