Kira Kira Precure Episode 02: “The Little Genius, Cure Custard!”


Kira, lending itself really well to becoming a horror movie.

Writer: Tanaka Hitoshi
Director: Hiroaki Miyamoto

Episode 2 begins where episode 1 left off with Usami freaking out over the talking bag  that appeared. Pekorin floats over to it, and it expands into being a gigantic bakery house to Usami’s delight. They go inside, Usami squeeing over the kitchen she finds; one amusing part being when she does find Elder, she responds by loudly slamming the oven door back in his face. Elder then properly introduces himself to her.


Prayers to the Goddess of Sweets welcome at the church of your choice

The OP comes in and we get an monologue about the Precure being Legendary Patisseries. When we return, Elder (re-)explains about the Precure being Legendary Patisseries and Usami lets it all go to her head in turn trying to force her Sweets Pact to do what she wants.. which doesn’t work.

We then cut to Usami’s school where she’s playing basketball with some of her classmates, Himari off to the side enjoying a book. Usami misjudges the basket however and whacks into Himari’s face. This was probably one of the few jokes in this episode that didn’t work for me.. if Usami had just fallen naturally, it may have been amusing but they dragged it out; Usami slowing down her screaming to match and it just became grating. A complete murder of a joke right there. Himari freaks the fayk out over such an event and runs away.

Usami then heads home, getting a letter from her mom and freaks out over a “Pudding Fair” flyer sprinting down to the bakery. However, she finds Himari there too, the latter freaking out over Usami’s presence. Just then, a kid walks in asking for the same pudding. I’m still not sure how to take that bit, were they upset that a kid liked pudding at all? Were they upset that it happened right then? Girls, you’re in the wrong line of business if kids annoy you, just putting that out there.

Usami then brings Himari back to her magical bakery and attempts to cook some pudding; however, she repeatedly fails at it to Himari (and mine)’s annoyance and others’ surprise. Himari eventually decides she’s had enough of tolerating and lectures at Usami for hours on end. Himari however then feels that Usami’s now gonna dislike her (this all stemming from when she was younger and her continued interest in sweets and silence was eventually met with apathy from her classmates; them feeling TV and other materials being more important).

We then return from the eyecatch to Himari starting to realize how much of a friend Usami wanted to be to her, Usami then asking her for help in making pudding. She reciprocates Usami’s gesture and they succeed in their endeavor. The two then come to an understanding however their joy is short-lived when a Kirakiraru Thief named Pulupulu appears wanting the Kirakiraru the pudding was giving off. Usami then transforms and attempts to fight Pulupulu however she doesn’t do too well and it’s only once Himari gains her own Sweets Pact and becomes Cure Custard are the two able to become victorious with their pastry finishers. The episode ends with the two girls enjoying the pudding they made. “Oishi!”

The preview shows off Aoi Tategami who to no one’s surprise becomes the 3rd Precure “Cure Gelato”.

Final Thoughts: While I feel some of the jokes went on past their breaking point, other parts of this were a marked improvement. Himari’s story felt fine for how her character was meant to be and hey, something in recent Toei actually gave a reason for [WAHAHAHAHA-FREAKOUT], I feel that alone deserves some points. Their teamwork in the main fight also proved positive for later fights to come.

One (last) comment, though. Dear Toei, if you’re going to have Whip do a physical kick then why take out fisticuffs in the first place? Being picky with it is just gonna be annoying down the line, so pick one please?


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  1. yanwang95
    Feb 17, 2017 @ 14:21:06

    I loved this one. Probably because I have a higher tolerance for slapstick than you appear to 😛 But yeah, I can’t really complain much about this one, other than Ichika really didn’t bother to read up about sweets after being a fan of them for so many years?

    By the way, I just whipped this up (hahaha…) if you’re at all interested.


    • Painted_Outlaw
      Mar 03, 2017 @ 00:27:28

      Tried replying on your site but, I wasn’t sure exactly how. You have a nice list there, though. I can’t say I agree with all of your placements but, your reasonings are fair.
      On a show like DokiDoki, I try to cut it some slack since it didn’t seem like Ryota Yamaguchi got to tell the story he wanted to. (The stories go that he had to take to Twitter after the show ended to answer questions, a bunch of plot as it goes got excised for mysterious reasons). I can see why it’s not for everyone, though.

      I cracked up at your section about Haa-chan, it was so true. The sheer level at how she took over the show after episode 23 is still ridiculous. Someone at Toei really wanted her to be some lightning winner or whatever.


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