KiraCure Ep 03/4: “The Roaring Lion! Cure Gelato!” and “With the Three of Us Together, Let’s La Mix it Up!”


You’ve got the chance now, you’ve got the power. I’m moving towards the blue light, I’ll keep going on.

Episode 03 writer: Ito Mutsumi
Director: Furuya Yoko

Episode 04 writer: Inukai Kazuhiko
Director: Kaizawa Yukio

Episode 3 starts with Usami and Himari walking down the street when Usami suddenly hears a band playing rock music, one she identifies as belonging to a girl named Tategami Aoi. They finish singing and we cut to the OP.

When we return, Usami and Himari are waiting for ice cream and some goons cut them in line. However, Aoi tells the goons off fixing the issue. We then see Aoi with her band members talking about winning a Band contest and Aoi sets out to write the lyrics.

However, when we cut to her in a library, she’s shown to be having trouble with such a detail; not being helped by Usami fangirling over her rock idol being in the same school as her. Personally, I thought this scene was kinda dumb; the other students going “Ssshhhh” over Usami being loud? Okay but the 2nd time, the two of them react to the other students going “Ssshhhh” like they just witnessed a murder and, just.. why take them that seriously? Just move to a different table or tell the other students to buzz off, it wasn’t worth freaking out over to that extent, in my opinion.


What I wish to say to this show sometimes.

Anyways, Aoi and Usami then introduce themselves properly and Aoi then decides that she has a great idea which involved sprinting down the hill as fast as she could; Usami then follows in suit. They then go through different ideas of how Aoi could present herself but none of them seem like good ideas to the two of them. They then go to get ice cream and Pekorin appears causing Usami to freak out trying to hide her Precure secret. Aoi’s unfazed by it all though and just heads home.

It’s at this moment in rewatching this episode for this writeup that… I actually do like Aoi. Not because of her Cure design or anything like that but how she comes off to the world around her. A whole “Guys, I was following you until this point but now you’re being kinda dumb” sort of sense that a show like this needs and while it’s not full Yukito Sanjou, I still think it’s entertaining enough so far.

We then see cut back and forth between Aoi talking with her band and her working on lyrics; at one point, chatting with Usami as they look at clouds. Aoi then leaves and Usami gets an idea to make Aoi a special kind of ice cream to show her support. Eating the ice cream, Aoi has an epiphany remembering her younger self watching a rocker named Ayane Misaki sing and runs outside to sing for the waiting crowd.

Unfortunately, this is when the MotW Hotto shows up (well ok, he actually appeared sporadically earlier but I kinda glossed over it) and scares the crowd away. Usami and Himari transform and try to hold Hotto back with frosting ropes, which don’t have too much effect as he still tries to make his way to the stage. Aoi’s had enough though and transforms into Cure Gelato and tries to punch the heck out of Hotto. Pekorin however informs that only attacks powered up by Kirakiraru will do anything and Aoi then makes herself boxing gloves made out of ice. The three of them defeat Hotto with Kirakiraru techniques and Aoi sings a song to round out the episode; Ayane with a smile watching in the distance.

I’d do final thoughts here but, I probably should also talk about episode 4 in some fashion since I’m trying to cover my butt in being behind. That, I didn’t really understand the main plot. The three were having trouble cooking cream puffs and Aoi and Himari then headed off because they had plans (such as band practice or cram school). But the episode tried to paint this as a bad thing that was hindering them cooking the cream puffs right which, I doubt is what happened? Himari herself said that cream puffs were difficult to cook and required advanced skills so clearly they just needed more practice but okay, real life getting in the way meant their feelings weren’t in it earlier… somehow… even though they seemed excited and happy to do it…. I think I’m getting more confused in trying to type this out, heh.

I think this episode also confirmed that the staff behind this show has no sense of comedic timing. Either the jokes go on for way too long or they repeat themselves way too often; case in point, the girls repeating “Let’s la cooking” over and over it cutting to Pekorin and Elder snoozing every single chance it got. As someone who prefers more snappy humor, it kinda comes off as more grating over anything else.

That’s not to say it’s all a dud though, the part where Pekorin suggests cream puffs and Aoi commented how one usually doesn’t take ideas from other shops’ specialties amused me in how true it is. If a shop wants to stay open, just copying what others do and not having anything to make themselves look special w/could backfire horribly since customers could think “Why should I go to this one? That other store does the same thing but better”. So far, none of them have turned their cooking into an actual business but if they do, it’d be smart to keep in mind. Just another example of Aoi having a better head on her shoulders than the other two~.

Anything else? Ehh, I’m surprised I got almost 3 paragraphs out of this one already. Compared to the other 3, this one was just kinda there in the long run; not introducing anything new or really building too much on anything old. Oh well, here’s to episode 5 and beyond.


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  1. yanwang95
    Mar 03, 2017 @ 13:48:42

    Well, one thing episode 4 did confirm is that I definitely have a much more juvenile sense of humor than you do. What I’m saying is that I liked episode 4 quite a bit, despite the whole ditching band practice and cram school thing, and the pretty lame “fight” scene.

    Episode 3 was the one that really won me over. Not that I disliked the other episodes, but that one really sparked with me. What can I say, I have something of a soft spot for blue-haired singers named Aoi 😛

    I think if the three were to actually turn their sweets thing into a business, I feel like it would take the high-schoolers to push them in that direction. And then, turning to a business is its own can of worms that could be a progression of the things explored in episode 4. But I highly the show would actually go there.


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