Madam, How About the Cakes?


[CommieRaws] Kirakira Precure A La Mode - 02 [0FB8D4A4].mkv_snapshot_21.42_[2017.02.18_10.35.34]

If anyone had been following my little blog in its piece of the internet, one’d be aware that I had been working on weekly reviews for episodes of the current Kira Kira Precure a La Mode season, then I just kinda stopped.

Well, what I originally planned was to put the reviews on-hold until I hit mid-series and then do a more comprehensive write-up; the idea being that maybe some of my issues would’ve been fixed by that point and maybe thinking of it in bulk form rather than weekly’d help with running an opinion besides it….

But the show’s failing to keep my interest even with that plan in mind. The attempts at humor either tend not to work for me or work in ways that I don’t think were entirely intended, the lax attitude regarding anything to even its own plot just loses me (Episode 8 was one of the worst at this, Elder can just become human? Okay, why does no one question this like they questioned him not spilling everything in ep7?) and the villains have no weight in the goings-on aside from being annoyances which isn’t likely to stop anytime soon.

But then, I got to thinking and that sounds familiar?

Too familiar..


Funny, that’s the same face I have whenever I remember this guy.

I mean, an unsuspecting and sorta useless person is made a hero by an old man and his useless cohort (I mean Naomi, not Hana, keep your pants on) and gets a gang of Red, Purple, Yellow and Blue buddies who are each only defined by a certain quirk. They then hang out, goof around and stop MotW until the 40s when the show realizes that “Oh crap, we’re supposed to have a plot!” and we get some attempt to make things work. The old man also could totally have explained everything but, all we get is some variation of “It’s the timeline!”.

This is totally my head-canon, you can’t change it! But yeah, if Cure Parfait is linked to Usami’s past through some weirdass Kirakiraru plot, I’m just gonna say I called it… and sigh at Toei for another year.


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  1. yanwang95
    Mar 31, 2017 @ 12:02:30

    I like the show (obviously :P), but Ichika is taking up too much screentime, while everyone else almost has to fight her to a line in, like a comedy group where no one wants to be the straight man. I do like the interactions among the rest of the cast, but Ichika herself seems to be getting in the way of it more than helping it along. I’m starting to think that freaking Kyuranger is having a better time with cast balance.


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