Anime Boston 2017 – my rundown


Last weekend, I took the time to attend a convention held in Boston, Massachusetts aptly named Anime Boston. It wasn’t the first year I’ve gone (that being 2007, and I started going regularly in 2010) but I wanted to take the time this well, time around to jot down how I felt during the 4 day succession. Off-topic for the blog? Sure but by Sunday, it’ll all make sense.


Not too much happened on this day. My sister and I took the train towards Govt. Center and switched over so we could get off at Prudential, after that we went to collect our badges. Thankfully, there were no lines and we moved quickly through the section. After that, I got a picture of an Initial D cosplayer and I traded 2 Yugioh volumes for a Gunslinger Girl wallscroll; I had conferred with said person on the AB forums beforehand and was glad to finally make the trade. After that, we got a ride home and the night went by as they do.


The day started off the same with the usual commute and I arrived at the place about 8am. I went through bag security (which I have to give big props to, this year’s security went really fast and I never had any issues during the weekend. I wasn’t one of the big gripers during last year’s, and I’m glad to be able to stay that way). Around 9:30am-ish, I went to Panel room 200 and got signed in regarding my panel scoring a free Bleach shirt and some candy in the process. It was after this that I went to the Artists’ Alley and bought a Sailor Saturn pillow.

Skipping to around 11:30am, I went into the Dealer’s Room and ended up meeting up with a friend of mine. We then hung around and chatted and I tagged along to the autograph rooms because I wanted to get Toru Furuya’s autograph while he wanted to get Lex Lang’s. The autograph wait was the worst part, first having to wait for it to be okay to line-up while having to wait to move rooms so we could get the autographs.

It was all worth it, though….


“Not even my own father signed this bluray!”

(My name’s on there since we had to write our names in English on a sticky note once we walked in). Some amusing tidbits being that Furuya first thought this one girl cosplaying a character from Patlabor was Vegeta and him having a good laugh at my Cure Muse mask asking if I could see through the “beady eye holes”. I got that it was in good humor though so I just laughed back and said “yes”. They then asked who I was cosplaying as but neither the translator nor Furuya seemed to have heard of Cure Muse or Precure though so I just left it alone after answering and shook Furuya’s hand.

After that, I snuck through the Artists’ Alley and went to a panel on Super Hero Time. Then, I just hung around, took pics of some cosplayers and went home.


Similar to Thursday, my sister tagged along this time and we commuted in; getting to the con about 8:45am-ish no help from having to wait for a “E” Green Line train that wasn’t packed. Once we arrived though, we grabbed breakfast at the Pru’s Dunkin’ Donuts and went into the con. After killing some time, we went around the Dealer’s room; my sister mostly buying jewelry trinkets.

About now, it was 11am and we went to Viz Media’s Sailor Moon panel they had in a Sheraton ballroom. It talked about future releases and asked a group of VAs from the show various questions; it was really enjoyable. Just the excitement the guests had for the title and the atmosphere in the room made it worth to be in.

Some moments I remember were Toru Furuya (there due to him voicing Tuxedo Mask in 90’s SM) saying how one reason he was brought onto the cast was because the staff thought that the voice actresses’d start gossiping and not focus enough on the recording so they wanted someone of his maturity and experience to help with that. Furuya commenting after though with a “Once I got there though, I thought “Maybe I need to focus!””

Another one being Cherami Leigh (Viz dub VA for Sailor Venus) saying how before the cast got revealed, they couldn’t tell anyone who was what role. During then, if my memory serves, a girl wanted to get an autograph from “Sailor Venus”; Leigh was initially hesitant because again, she didn’t want to give the reveal away but ended up signing anyways. In her words “That girl got her very first Sailor Venus autograph and didn’t even know it!”.

Once it ended, my sister and I grabbed lunch and she then left around 2:30pm.


One thing I do wish to make mention of before I climb to finishing this post is how one of the escalators had promotions for “Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution”. Eureka Seven’s a title people should check out and if this helps lead to that, I’m all for it.

After that, I met up with my friend again and attended a couple panels – A Visual History of Mecha and Tokusatsu: Beyond Super Hero Time (Me only ducking out in the middle of the dealio to hit up the Dealer’s Room, I wasn’t sure if I would’ve had time on Sunday and I knew I wanted Gundam Build Fighters on bluray among stuff).

So, I got out of the latter Tokusatsu panel and spent some time chatting with friends in the Artists’ Alley. Once it hit 10pm, we went over to the Fenway Ballroom at the Hilton for a tokusatsu photoshoot, which was really fun; everyone cracking jokes over Ex-Aid and Kyuranger and just having a ball.


I got to the Prudential at about 10am this time, partly due to me oversleeping and partly due to local commuting to the train station being absolute bunk on Sundays. I got there smoothly though and had a couple hours before my panel so I attended a panel named “Intro to Josei”, got lunch and then skimmed around the Dealer’s room lucking upon a DX “Triple Dance Honey Baton” (Cure Honey’s weapon of choice in Happiness Charge Precure).

After that, it was time for my panel. I was worried earlier that same day since I misplaced my VGA cable but (again) luckily, the tech staff had the equipment to make it work. And, I think it went okay. Only issue may have been me and a few names? Like, I honestly blanked on Fortune’s and proooooobably mispronounced Itsuki’s last name but the audience understood and the rest went fine. I ended early and left for home.

In conclusion, I had a blast attending this year. My legs may have hurt and I may have worried a bit too much for my own sake but it all worked out in the end and I’m glad for it.



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