I’m a Princess? Cure Flora is Born!


Writer: Tanaka Hitoshi
Director: Tanaka Yuta

Airing from February 2015 until January 2016 was the 12th season of Pretty Cure, Go! Princess Precure. A story about a girl named Haruka who moves into a dormitory ending up (along with a few others) becoming the heroes of that year against the evil Dys Dark who wished to ruin the world with despair.

At the time it aired, I feel like I liked it well enough. It kept me watching for more and it might be faint praise but, it was a lot better else than what was on SHT back then (what was its competition? Ninninger? Kamen Rider Drive? Pretty low, I’d say). So, I was craving one to rewatch and while I asked on Twitter, I was pulling for GoPuri on the sidelines anyways. There are parts I don’t feel I gave a fair shake to such as the middle and I wanted to reexamine stuff like Towa’s storyline so, I would’ve been a bit disappointed if I got stuck with say, Futari wa instead. So once every week, I figured I’d rewatch this show and I hope you’ll join me for this ride.

[Btw, if you happen to take a liking to this series of posts, then give a thumbs-up to Shougo B’stard of Them’s Fightin’ Words as well for inspiring them. He deserves credit where it’s due!]

The episode starts with a young girl being bullied by her peers for wanting to become a princess. Said girl mopes wondering if they were perhaps right until a visitor helps to fortify her; saying that as long as she nurtures her beliefs, anything’s possible. Seeing the girl’s spirits brighten, he leaves but not before he gives her a key and they exchange names (the girl being Haruka, the visitor being Kanata). So enamored was she that she vowed to become a prince herself one day, but was that really such a go- wait.

We then cut to the OP. I’ve given my thoughts on this before but, I completely forgot just how much was in the initial ep1 credits. Not only the 3 cures but, Miss Shamour, the enemy generals, Dyspear’s silhouette, even Twilight… they probably didn’t expect anyone to actually know who half of them were this early in the game but, it sticks out if you do, man.

Cutting back to the show, we see Haruka being driven to her private dormitory, school, place of learning and residence by her parents; her dad doing the whole overemotional act, all “Make you sure you call us! Why do you have to leave?!?!?” to the chagrin of his wife. I do wonder about the school though in the sense of — if they’re not allowed to use cell phones, then do they at least have landlines? I don’t know about anyone else but, I’d have second thoughts about attending a school that isolated me from everywhere. Bad juju, man!

Haruka then spends time admiring her new surroundings including the gardening and her dorm room eventually meeting her roommate, a girl named Nanase Yui who shows Haruka more stuff that she ends up squeeing over; at one point daydreaming that she was attending a ball with a masked prince. As they head to the next place, however, we get our first scene of a girl named Kaido Minami, the student council president and an unnamed pigtailed girl who’s looking for her dorm room.

Haruka and Yui chat some more and Yui exposits on how she wishes to become a picture book author; however, when Haruka’s asked about her dream, she freaks out, running away into the forest too embarrassed to tell Yui that she wishes to become a fairy tale princess.

It’s here that we meet our two main fairies for the year and guh, do they still make a bad first impression. I remember not liking them my first time around until.. about the 2nd cour I’d say? and that feeling hasn’t faded. I mean, it’s not like they’re a total blight on the show like say, Candy or Pekorin but until they get actually fleshed out, all Pafu’s character revolves is pratfalls and Aroma having a stick up his butt. Swell, except not swell. None of it’s funny, Toei, take it away.


Sorry, but you’re no Mofurun.

Haruka and the fairies exchange names however, a general from a group named Dysdark named Close attacks trapping Yui’s dream within a being known as a Zetsuborg. Haruka and co. attempt to run but Close catches up to them shoving in their faces how worthless their dreams are and that he’s going to destroy them.  It was about now that I realized how much I missed early-Close. He doesn’t care about showboating or any of that fancy villainy, he just wants to crack dreams open and watch people suffer; and while that’s a rather generic villain type, I feel Mitsuaki Madono puts enough into his performance to not fall into that trap helping you feel just how much sick delight Close gets out of torturing his victims.

Haruka’s feelings and belief in her and Yui’s dreams manages to activate the Princess Perfume Pafu and Aroma were handling and along with her Dress up Key, she becomes able to transform into Cure Flora. After taking a bit to get a handle on her powers, Haruka takes on the Zetsuborg. Some notable moments being her freaking out over the Zetsuborg about to step on a flower and her coming up with her own catchphrase (I love how Aroma states to make it “sound princessy” yet she settles on a really formal way of just saying “Prepare yourself for I’m about to kick your ass!”. The small “ahem” right before’s the cherry on top).

With the Zetsuborg defeated, Flora then frees Yui from her cage… and finds out that Pafu and Aroma know the man she met as a child, one “Prince Hope Grand Kanata”. We get the ED credits which I don’t really have strong opinions on, they’re credits and the preview promotes Cure Mermaid.

You know, I used to think this episode was rushed but, looking back, it was fine in that area. It spent enough time setting up what it needed to (Haruka’s part in the story) and left room open for more. There’s a lot of places this type of show could go and I think Hitoshi Tanaka felt ready to let it rip.


Until next week!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. yanwang95
    May 03, 2017 @ 12:32:17

    Ah, memories of when this pilot episode first aired, and which led to me writing my least favorite of my own blog posts, which I sure as hell am not linking here 😛

    But good post, and good episode. Now I can “rewatch” GoPri without actually rewatching it, so that’s always nice.


    • Painted_Outlaw
      May 03, 2017 @ 14:01:11

      Thank you! 🙂
      Haha, I wrote up a post when it first came out myself way back when and… it’s rather dated. I alluding a little to it at the end there by saying that I used to feel the episode was rushed but that post’s staying on private, heh.


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