The Academy’s Princess! Cure Mermaid Appears!


Writer: Tanaka Hitoshi
Director: Kado Yuriko

Episode 2 picks up where we left off last week, with Flora surprised that Kanata is a prince and she tries explaining to her two buddies that she met him when she was younger. Aroma then goes on about Kanata vanishing to who knows where after Dysdark attacked the kingdom; leaving 3 Dress up Keys behind. What’s funny to me about this part is how Close is the only one not silhouetted.. which makes sense as he was the only one introduced so far but I guess they didn’t really expect anyone to pay attention to the OP credits.

The three of them resolve to find the other 2 Precure and to take down Dysdark. We then get more exposition from Aroma with Flora finding out that just transforming wasn’t enough to make her a real princess (her disappointed face is a plus, btw) and that their team will require Strength! Kindness! and Beauty!, the traits of real princesses. Yui then starts to wake up and Haruka changes back, telling Yui her dream of becoming a princess.

After the OP credits, we see Minami enjoying being near the ocean as she spots Haruka jogging with her two fairy buddies. You know, for someone who told Haruka to keep her Precure biz a secret, Aroma and Pafu are kinda blatant about “Hey Haruka, s’up? Yes, we’re talking and screaMING out here in public!”. Minami laughs at the sight though and notices a small blue key wash up on the shore which she picks up.

The Entrance ceremony starts up, but Haruka ends up running tardy for it and is subsequently yelled at by a teacher. Haruka claiming that she was jogging so much that she missed getting there on time but that didn’t seem to be good enough. Minami quells the argument stating first to the teacher and then to Haruka that the latter should choose her own punishment. Both sides end up agreeing and we then see Haruka pulling up weeds as she chats with Yui…. why she chose that is anyone’s guess. I guess hard labor is punishment-worthy but, it was also Haruka’s own choice; that girl ain’t right, I tell you what. Minami’s ballet performance catches their interest and Haruka starts wanting to learn under her, which she does by asking her for lessons after passing in a paper about her punishment.

Minami’s ballet performance catches their interest and Haruka starts wanting to learn under her, which she does by asking her for lessons after passing in a paper about her punishment. Minami agrees though and they go through different stretches, Haruka having issues at first; she picks herself back up though practicing every chance she got. Then as soon as she gets it.. it goes south when Haruka oversteps herself trying an advanced move she saw and sprains her ankle. As Minami is bandaging her foot, Haruka exposits how she wanted to be like Minami, with how perfect she came off; Minami rebutting with saying how her greatness or ~perfection~ didn’t come naturally to her, it took her a lot of practice to get where she was. She felt grateful that Haruka reached out to her though saying that no one ever took the time to do so. We then cut to the eyecatch with Close saying that he can’t return now that the Precure have been revived and spies fresh dreams to ruin.


Close spying a dream turns one of the athletes into a Zetsuborg, Haruka hurrying off to transform. Minami spots her finding about Haruka being a Precure. I’d wonder what it is that Minami would even see — at one point, she sorta shields her eyes from how bright it is — so maybe it’s just a bright pink ball of light? Haruka then flies off to fight holding her own until her injury gets in the way, Minami running in to check on her.

Haruka wonders how her secret got blown and tells Minami to run but Minami’s feelings of wanting of being Student council president and protecting her fellow students gives her a Princess Perfume. Minami then uses this to transform into Cure Mermaid and effortlessly takes the Zetsuborg down. The episode ends with Minami releasing the athlete’s dream and the gang noticing that the last Perfume had vanished, them wondering where it could’ve gone.


Until next week!


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