Goodbye Already? You Can’t Keep Pafu!


Writer: Tanaka Hitoshi
Director: Tanaka Takayuki

Author’s Note: I’d like to apologize for the tardiness of this. Persona 5 became my everything and this just kept getting put off.  It’s up now though, so please enjoy!

Haruka crashes into her bed, Yui inquiring as to what tired her friend out. Haruka merely states that she was looking for something (that something being the missing Princess Perfume). One of their Seniors walks by telling them to turn their lights off and the two choose to go to sleep because they’d be busy in the morning. Pafu almost blows her cover though by speaking out when in Haruka’s bed bunk but Haruka covers it up.

The next morning, Haruka tells Aroma and Pafu that she’s too busy to look for the perfume and she’s leaving it up to them; Minami taking the role of acting like a corporate shill, telling Haruka about all the great experience she’s gonna get meeting and working with her classmates and Seniors around the school. It’ll help her resume out and she can go on to such amazing roles such as making a dress and singing Christmas music and uh, kicking evil’s butt and so forth.

As Minami and the fairies try searching some more for the perfume, Haruka hurries to where she’s needed; a Senior by the name of Kisaragi scolding her for being late.  We then get introduced to two more people around the school: Azuma, the VP for the student council and a girl named Nishimine, the secretary. Haruka helps out among the various school duties, Kisaragi getting angry at her over every little thing. After chatting with Minami, Haruka is alerted to Pafu having vanished too; Kisaragi finding her in a bucket.

I do have to wonder at this point, why couldn’t Haruka just pass Pafu off as a plushie? That’s practically Pretty Cure tradition at this point (literally, in Mofurun’s case) and it’s not like anyone beyond the Precure heard Pafu talk in any way so it could be believable. But no, Haruka tries to make a new rule inexplicably claiming that they had an animal keeper back in elementary school…. which probably was even bigger BS but hey, they went for it.

We then get introduced to yet another new character, this one being a woman named Shirogane (the dorm leader) and the running gag of her introducing herself every single time she appears. She states that problems in the dorm are traditionally dealt with by the students and the decision lies with the Student Council Pres.; passing the convo off to Minami, who’s watching everything happen. Some Dorm leader! What are you, just a figurehead with Minami really in charge?

Minami feels that taking care of a pet would be a good learning experience for the students but rule 33 of the handbook states that it must be agreed upon by everyone… which ends up 50/50…. Minami then leaves it up to the students saying that if they can all agree within one week, then they can keep Pafu.. so Minami basically did nothing substantial…..


This dorm set-up.

Aroma and Pafu then angst about having to leave their princess-in-training and Haruka tries to cheer them up. The next portion is a solid 2:49 of Pafu promotion as Haruka tries to win students over and to get kids to buy Pafu’s toy.  Eventually, it all comes down to Kisaragi but she freaks out when staring at Pafu and runs off. Aroma later throws a fit over how anyone could be scared of Pafu but, I dunno, given Kisaragi being a giant butthat earlier, couldn’t it also be repulsion? Kisaragi stated a general “I hate dogs!” so, clearly it wasn’t just Pafu…. maybe she just really hated dogs, I dunno.

As they wonder, Close is met by another general, this one named Shut. I have thoughts on him that I’ll get to later on but I do recall his plot arc being unintentionally funny. Close then leaves and Shut creates a Zetsuborg from a karate student. Haruka and Minami transform to go fight it halting its assault before it can injure Kisaragi or anyone else some more. As Kisaragi and Pafu run away, however, they run into Close who had made a Zetsuborg of his own claiming that he’ll be the one to defeat the Precure. Close then sics his Zetsuborg on them hoping to stop the 3rd Precure from being revived.

Given the Precure were busy fighting with Shut, Pafu then tries to act as a line of defense, throwing herself to no avail into the Zetsuborg’s foot. Close prepares to crush the two of them when Flora and Mermaid intervene, bringing the fights together. They make short work of the two Zetsuborgs and return things to normal; Kisaragi ends with warming up to Pafu and with her last “yes” vote, Pafu is allowed to stay. The episode ends with the reveal that the 3rd Perfume is with that pigtailed girl we saw earlier. And with that, roll credits, we’re done here!


Until next week!


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