Kira Kira a La Mode – a pastry of many flavors

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Usually when I drop a show or put one on-hold, I tend to check reactions on it every so often to see if it has improved or just gotten worse. In the case of KiraKira a La Mode, such a bit happened and I only really watched a couple episodes after episode 9; episode 17 because of Akira development and episode 19…

Now I originally checked this episode out noticing that a writer named Junko Komura was on ship that week but what I liked so much about this episode was that there are many areas the staff could go down and if they take advantage of them, this could become a pretty neat show.

To give a brief summary of the episode, Ichika and co. are out shopping when they meet the Genius Pattisier, a girl named Kirahoshi Ciel. Ichika attempts to train under her and at the same time, defends her from a monster attack she had fallen victim to.

First off, Ciel. I was initially hesitant on her for a myriad of reasons, one being that I kinda dislike her Cure outfit and a quick skim of her seiyuu Inori Minase gave me titles such as Re:Zero or that Hestia girl — basically titles I’ve tried to avoid — so that wasn’t the best first impression. Upon viewing the episode though, I thought Minase fit the role. I also like how Ciel’s a fairy worried about her village tying it back to how Pekorin and Elder got separated from the same village.

Then, there’s Bibury who seems aimed to become the best villain this show’s had so far. The Gummies were annoyingly tedious and while Julio was a step in the right path, he was always just limited to “My Experiments!!1!”. Bibury seems to have no such guidelines and will gladly just go down herself to trash whatever she doesn’t like. Chiemi Chiba also does a great job selling Bibury’s brand of insanity. Granted, I do kinda dislike Bibury being the only villain right now but, the promise of her boss appearing later plus Julio still being around helps ease that a bit.

Quit rambling and get to my point? Okay. When I tune in for a Precure show, one of the things I like to see is a show of Heroes vs. Villains. In Futari Wa, it was 2 schoolgirls putting aside their differences. In Precure 5, you had Nozomi, the… Nozomi, a sporty girl, a wanna-be idol, a bookworm and the Student Council President. In Fresh, you had 3 friends and a girl from a parallel universe and so on. The villains they faced were no-holds-barred and as you followed the Cures through their fights and struggles, it became all the more satisfying when they actually won. Kira Kira so far has the first part set up but, it felt lacking in others.

So, why am I excited? With Ciel now in the picture, the show has an amazing chance to develop on itself. Ichika training under her and learning about Ciel’s link to the Precure should allow her to mature and become more the patisserie hero she was always destined to be. Through that, they can expand on the backstory of Pekorin’s village (maybe Noir was the one who sent the Gummies to attack it?). Also, providing she sticks around, Bibury seems like she’d provide a perfect enough threat to keep the Cures on edge. Does it excuse the show having a middling first quarter? Eh, I wouldn’t say so. But, for the first time since Go! Princess, I’m actually interested in keeping up with a current Precure again and it feels great.


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  1. yanwang95
    Jun 19, 2017 @ 20:00:47

    It’s great that you enjoyed this episode, because, well, I didn’t. The Ichika focus is really grating on me, and 19 didn’t do much to fix that. Part of the reason I liked the Julio arc so much is that it allowed everyone else to shine for a change, and even when Julio felt kind of one note, it was still a very sweet note. Bibury has potential to be sure, but until she actually starts interacting with the Cures more like her pal did she’s kinda just there for me.

    In general, it seems like most people are happy with KiraKira, just as they weren’t so happy with Mahoutsukai. I’ve got mixed feelings on both, so either way it all breaks even 😛


    • Painted_Outlaw
      Jun 26, 2017 @ 11:34:30

      Don’t get me wrong, Ichika’s running that gambit of being my least-fave Pink; a spot only Miyuki sat in so far. Unlike Miyuki though, Ichika has a chance to develop and mature herself not unlike Ryoutarou (hey, more Den-O similarities) so I’m willing to be lenient at the moment and hope that the show gets the boost it needs.


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