Sparkling Kirara is Cure Twinkle?


Writer: Tanaka Hitoshi
Director: Zako Akifumi

Another episode, another character throwing a fit because they can’t find the 3rd Princess Perfume. Minami considers someone maybe picking it up which gets confirmed when they look at a fashion magazine and a girl named Kirara is shown holding it. Well, that was easy.

As the OP runs, it’s now that I want to mention that if you weren’t around when Go! Princess was airing, you wouldn’t believe just how much hype there was for Kirara from Western fans; everything from her seiyuu to her character design to her reactions to… well, everything. Maybe my scope on the fandom was limited to just what I saw every week but man, you’d think people thought that Kirara was mana sent down from Izumi Todo heaven haha.

We cut back to the group flipping through the magazine and Aroma considers making Kirara a Precure… because she looked tough in the pictures. Um, sure, okay. Haruka’s too nervous to talk to her though so Minami starts it off, Kirara’s response though being more that she’d rather laugh at Haruka and call her “Haruharu”… but talk about something important like her magazine? No, go away, that’d disturb her ~creative genius~! Kirara apparently also treats her classmates the same as they say she left right for work and didn’t bother taking up on their offer to hang out.

The girls follow up a suggestion though and after some window browsing, they find Kirara during a photoshoot. Unfortunately, so does Close and the Precure transform and drive him off. Once things have settled, the Cures explain to Kirara that the Perfume she’s hanging on to is really important; Flora stating that she wants Kirara to join them… Kirara responding by giving the Perfume back, claiming that it’d be too dangerous for her to hang onto it knowing it’d just attract more (Zetsuborg) attacks and she’s just too busy otherwise. The Cures act surprised but, the first part makes sense. Why hang onto something that’s likely to get you killed?


Haruka throws another tantrum and decides that she’s gonna do the Nozomi approach of asking Kirara again to be a Precure because she decided, dangit. To do so, they decide to attend one of her fashion shows getting night passes from Miss Shirogane who requests that they at least be back by curfew (despite the show being at night, I guess they have a really late curfew then).

Kirara gets ready for her show when she notices a Dress Up Key inside her belongings. The show starts and during a break, Haruka and Kirara bond over eating doughnuts — Kirara revealing that she was antisocial earlier because she was so focused on making that fashion show and many others successes — all linked to her dream of making the name “Amanogawa Kirara” as famous as it can be. Haruka starts explaining her dream when Kirara gets called back to the stage, tying the Dress Up Key as a necklace before walking out. Now I get the metaphor here… she’s supposed to be all serious and doing that is her way of being resolute, etc. etc. But, uh dear, I thought you didn’t want to attract danger?

Backstage, Close creates a Zetsuborg from one of the other models and sends it to the audience. As the Royal Fairies explain themselves to Kirara, the Cures attempt to fight but have issues against the Zetsuborg’s strength.  Kirara decides she’s had enough and confronts Close about what he’s doing, him replying that he just doesn’t care. Kirara attempts to incapacitate the Zetsuborg stating to Close that her dream’s as big as the starry sky and that he’ll never understand. This causes the Dress Up Key to react and Kirara transforms into Cure Twinkle. Close reacts in rage at the 3rd Precure being awakened and Twinkle takes the Zetsuborg down…. by Rider Kicking it then using her Perfume ability to summon a star from her belly and fire it. Twinkle Humming is weird.

With things returned to normal, Kirara accepts the responsibility and power of being a Precure and happily joins the tea– is what one would think but she just gives it back claiming she’s still too busy. Personally, ignoring the whole dilemma over “Really? You’re too busy to bother saving hundreds of lives? Some heroine you are”, I think the scene would’ve been a lot funnier if they cut down on the reaction shots.  Kirara giving it back didn’t need to be accompanied by the same shots but in reverse, and the elongated “Ehhh?!”s are just overkill. She’ll come around though, they always do.


Until next week?

After the episode preview this time is a preview regarding the “Precure All Stars: Spring Carnival” movie. I’ll give thoughts on that when it came out in regards to calendar dates but I am curious to see how it’d hold up on a rewatch.


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