The Three of Us are Go! We are the Princess PreCures!


Writer: Tanaka Hitoshi
Director: Kamatani Yu

Picking up from last episode, the Cures ponder why Kirara returned the perfume; Haruka still wanting her for the team because of how awesome she is.  Because of this, she heads to where Kirara is sitting and asks her about it only to get blown off again; Kirara repeating that she’s way too busy and decides to let Haruka tag along with her today to see just how busy she is.

So, she joins Kirara in stuff such as her magazine shoots, interviews, fashion show auditions and so on. After some shenanigans, they sit and chat about their dreams (Haruka saying she wanted to become a princess and Kirara reaching out to a billboard of her mom). Kirara then exposits how she always looked up to her mom and wanted to be a model just like her. One thing about this scene: in the last episode, Haruka stated that Kirara had been a model since elementary school but this one implies that Kirara didn’t until she was her current age in the show? It’s really weird, who’s telling the truth here?

Either way, it’s her motivation for passing the audition and the two of them head off to it. We are introduced to a designer named Burono Boisne who rejects all of the candidates. Haruka and Kirara ponder over how to impress Boisne when Haruka has an idea and they made a budget cosplay version of Cure Twinkle’s outfit which seems to work. Haruka and her then go their separate ways as they head back for curfew.


The next day, Haruka goes to meet up with Kirara but Minami calls her away for ballet practice. Minami then chats with Kirara about Haruka before Kirara abruptly walks away claiming she’s gonna call Minami “Minamin” from now on.

We then cut to Close making a Zetsuborg out of a science student’s dream summoning 2 of the 3 Precure to fight. Kirara hears from Shirogane that there’s a phone call for her, her having passed the audition; however, she leaves to go save her friends… and.. this is where the episode starts to lose me. It’s clear that they wanted this to be similar to an episode of PC5 GoGo where Urara had to give up an audition to go help her teammates but, it doesn’t manage to hit the same high notes.

For most of this two-parter, Kirara wanted nothing to do with being a Precure and the only things reminding her of it were Haruka and the Perfume appearing to her. Otherwise, school and modeling were the only things she wanted to focus on. Did we see bits of her having issues choosing between the two? Any to make her drama more succinct? No, just talk about nicknames and other stuff coming from Kirara’s mind. Oh oh, she scribbled on a piece of paper… sure. But okay, she goes to save her friends who aren’t having too much of an issue with the Zetsuborg. They got knocked down around some but it’s nothing they haven’t dealt with up to this point. But hey, Kirara passed the audition and she can aim to be a model like her mom and be a Precure and… good for her. We also don’t know the full extent of Dysdark at this point. They want to collect despair but, why? They attacked a kingdom, but why? What’s so important about having Kirara on their team beyond that Bandai and Toei say so?

Compare to Urara who we got to know for a season prior about what made her tick, and how much she cared for her team but also how much she wanted to be an idol/actress (dug in even more later when we learn exactly why she had such a drive to be one). So, her having to quit the team felt like a real possibility; same with her having to give up on it because her team was getting mercilessly slaughtered by Eternal’s forces. If Urara had left them at that moment, who knows what Eternal would do to their world, Coco and Nuts’ kingdom, the Cure Rose Garden, all of it. (Well, one could guess the same thing as Nightmare but at this point, Eternal was still a new group to them despite Bunbee).

Essentially, my thoughts boil down to that Kirara’s version ended too simple and cleanly for what they were aiming for and the resulting episode just didn’t work for me as much.


This girl’s seen some shit, Kirara’s just a poser.

Anyways, Kirara transforms and helps make easy work of the Zetsuborg. We get our first glimpse of Dyspear as she calls Close back and Kirara releases the student’s dream. Haruka tries asking the logical question of why Kirara returned when she said she didn’t want to be a Precure but, Kirara dodges the question and rambles on about how she passed the audition. Haruka congratulates her on passing the audition; her soon becoming jealous of Minami getting a nickname and asking if she can call Minami “Minami-san”? Minami says it’s fine and she’ll call Haruka by her given name…. this convo is a weird honorific-induced mess, haha. With a “Kirara-chan” and a “Let’s do our best together”, the episode ends.


Until next week!


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